baking bread with sara.

…another item on my fifty for 50 list done – thanks to sara! baking bread has intimidated me for years, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. sara found a super-easy recipe on smitten kitchen. and we did it.

1. the ingredients (plus water); 2. the dough, after about 18 hours of resting at room temperature; 3. a quick mix; 4. resting; 5. into a pre-heated, covered pan for baking; 6. bread!!!

everything that deb said about the bread is true (and we used two hands to handle the heavy hot pot!). we sliced it for sandwiches (pesto mayonnaise, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato and lettuce) and it was delicious.

I will definitely make this again, maybe with some whole wheat flour. thank you sara for pushing me to do this!

7 thoughts on “baking bread with sara.

  1. and the french and italians make it look so easy-fresh baked bread may be the ultimate comfort food-well done girls.

  2. I used to bake bread regularly but I've gotten out of the habit in recent years. It's very satisfying to do, though, and the results are so delicious! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Just a lot of fun…and the results are generally right tasty. Your first loaf looks yummy. In a younger life, I baked bread, especially liked homemade sourdough. And that I did while working…I can remember running home at lunch hour to "beat the bread down." Now that I'm "retired," wonder why I've not baked.Ummm…So, on your list of 50 before Fifty, where are you?Cheers~

  4. Wow – yay! We put a good bread book – that I think Sara recommended – on our registry list – hopefully that'll help us get started with breadmaking. I'd love to be able to make a yummy wheat artisan loaf – maybe a savory version with olives or a sweet version with dried berries and nuts!

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