texture tuesday. black and white.

…no ten on tuesday prompt today (poor carole is under the weather… please join me in wishing her a speedy recovery!) so – since I haven’t played around in photoshop – or used one of kim’s lovely textures in way too long, I decided to link up with kim classen for texture tuesday. today’s theme is black and white.

I started with a february photo of the roses marc gave me for valentine’s day. I took the photo with my iphone, not in very good light, so it’s plenty grainy. love that for black and white.

going with the valentine’s day theme, I add kim’s texture madlove. desaturated. overlay blend mode. done!

click here if you want more info on texture tuesdays, or to join in the fun!

6 thoughts on “texture tuesday. black and white.

  1. Beautiful! I've just signed up for Kim's current PhotoShop online course. I've wanted to do this for years! (Can you guess what my One Little Action might be this month?)

  2. Very cool! You know – I was thinking that from week to week, it'd be fun for you to incorporate your weekly blog postings (ten for tuesday, texture tuesday, wordless wednesday), into your pl. It'd be fun for you to include a textured photo or one of your lists!

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