116:365 red bud (finally).
…I’ve been waiting days to see a blossom on the redbuds in my backyard. and finally today, a few appeared. I was sure the warm sunshine we’ve enjoyed these past few days would do it. not maybe as quickly as I’d hoped (and why do I wish away the time I spend in anticipation of something so delightful….do you find yourself doing this, too? can we stop?!) in any event, it seems the perfect time to capture currents.

listening – birds (and holly barking at the birds). it sounds like spring!

wearing – flip flops! only to walk holly in the evenings. but still, it’s a big step toward summer!
reading – franklin and winston. and enjoying it! I haven’t read a non-fiction book…since I can remember. this is for my april bookclub and I’m glad I have it in paperback so I can pass it along to my parents when I’m done.
weather – forecasted high 70’s this week, with rain. who cares. I’d much rather have warm rain than anything else!
knitting – the last few edging repeats on winnowing, the ella coat skirt and…honestly… that’s it. I have the rill scarf and my march charity hat on the needles, but they’re not getting much of my attention.

crushingfrancis. (and the new ipad and iphone)
wanting – to see sara. next saturday. spring break 🙂

needing – to get adjusted to daylight savings time.

thankful – daylight savings time here means a 12-hour time difference (instead of 13) to connect with marc in asia. my brain wraps around that 12 hours difference way easier!
enjoying – knitting. with my girls.
looking forward – two road trips with my sister (both to visit my mom and dad). she makes everything fun. and she knits. I’m blessed!
wondering – when I’ll see katie next…
shine – I’ve offered to lead my PW circle next year. I think they’re going to let me!

5 thoughts on “currents.

  1. i feel so spoiled with the weather-love not shivering on those evening walks. looking foward to pj getting home for spring break tonight. love the photo-my favorite part of spring are all the pretty thing that are blooming.

  2. I'm jealous that you can wear flip flops. Although, I need to start thinking about pedicures before I can start thinking about wearing flip flops! It's been a long winter for these feet.

  3. love these lists – i'm thinking of incorporating something similar into my project life for this week! i think we'll see each other this week for a skype date so i can start my scarf!

  4. Oh it seems like forever until I will see flip flops! We get teased up here – it was almost 70 degrees about 20 mins west of here today. We barely reached 50 😦

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