cranberry oatmeal scones.

…quick bread #2 on my fifty for 50 list (I need to pick up the pace!)

113:365 cranberry oatmeal scones.

this time it was scones to share with martha and kathy who came over this morning to knit. and hold holly. and chit chat about books, summer plans, photography (and knitting!).

sara is great for tracking down recipes. when I emailed her that I wanted to bake oatmeal raisin scones, she responded right back with a few suggestions. I selected this recipe because it looked easy and sort of healthy (with the yogurt and only one one third cup of sugar…isn’t it funny how our “healthy” test accommodates baking?!)

it was easy. these ingredients were assembled, baked and cooled in about an hour.

(during which time I realized the white balance setting on my camera was for shade, outside. apologies for the wonky colors!)

perfect! really, they are exactly what I love in a scone. flaky, with just a bit of crumb, buttery (yeah, two tablespoons per scone, they should be right?), and flavorful. I’m glad I didn’t give in to the temptation to make them spicy. really, the cranberries, nuts and yogurt are all the accompaniments that sweet butter needs!

I followed the recipe, with these changes: substituted dried cranberries for the currants; folded in the chopped nuts and the cranberries after I incorporated the liquid ingredients (near the end of step 3); put the dough directly onto a parchment lined baking sheet (sprinkled with all the reserved toasted oats) to pat into a circle; spread the 8 wedges ever so slightly apart before baking so they’d brown all around.

I love the food processor technique and the “makes 8” quantity. I can see cheddar jalapeno scones (without the sugar), or apple, or blueberry!!!, or …. I’m sure sara will have some ideas!  which is good because I have ten more quick breads to bake in the next 250 days!

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  1. looks like i should send you my quick bread bookmarks folder. just saw a delicious recipe today for baked oatmeal-type muffins!

  2. looks yummy, i love how you can make scones savory or sweet. i made granola for the first time today-i'm hooked!

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