hello march.

…warmer, longer days (hopefully filled with sunshine, just like today!)…brighter colors…colors in the landscape…catching up on one little word…more letters…wedding plans…a visit from sara and a visit to florida to see my parents…lunches out with friends…knittingreading…I can’t wait to get started!

8 thoughts on “hello march.

  1. very cheerful welcome AND you've updated your banner with a warm and sunny photo. not sure what march will hold for me-hopefully lots of FINISHED projects.

  2. I usually dread March because it's a teaser. Spring technically arrives but it's still cold and dreary. I am being optimistic this year!

  3. thanks for the sunshine and well wishes. i'm still catching up to the fact that it's march, already. our spring-weather winter has totally disrupted my mental approach to this month and even last totally confusing.cheers~

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