10 favorite chocolate treats.

68:365 bedtime treat.
…ooohhh, a most appropriate prompt for today! thanks, carole! a quick visit to my flickr stream shows a nice assortment of chocolate goodies. perfect inspiration while I drink my coffee – I am not so much a chocolate fan at 5:30 a.m.!

1. my go-to treat is a “good” (think barefoot contessa here) piece of dark chocolate. harry’s has a wonderful selection. the photo above was my stash about three weeks ago (it’s considerably smaller now). I love to pair it with a glass of red wine. a few years back, I even commissioned yarn dyed to match!

2. the dark chocolate panini at bistro vg. it’s not too sweet, but very fun.

3. vinny’s chocolate mousse cake. (bistro vg and vinny’s are owned by the same people – and their pastry chef is amazing).

4. alpine bakery’s million dollar cake (roswell’s best chocolate cake!)

5. barefoot contessa’s french chocolate bark. to.die.for.

6. brownies. barefoot contessa’s version is delicious.  (hum, ina obviously has a thing for chocolate, doesn’t she!)

7. hot chocolate. …today might be a good day for this. it’s hovering in the thirties…and raining.

8. mint chocolate chip ice cream. I haven’t had this in years, but growing up it was a favorite flavor.

9. chocolate mousse. it’s my dad’s favorite dessert and we had a throwdown at our last family reunion. everyone was a winner!

10. chocolate pound cake. another childhood favorite that I haven’t had in years. my aunt gave me the recipe, but I’ve never made it.

happy valentine’s day and best chocolate wishes!!
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  1. What a list! All good choices – I'm thinking right now about how delicious that chocolate panini and mousse cake were. I think Ina's brownies are the ultimate. I'm not much of a chocolate fan but I could definitely go for a brown butter chocolate chip cookie any day of the week. Happy Valentine's! xxoo

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