the thirteenth journal ends.

…wow. it still amazes me. this journaling habit. 62 months of my life. documented in 13 journals.

the last page is always me today. a snapshot of what I’m about right now. (and what my hair looks like – funny how much that’s changed in the last five years!)

the end of journal #13

with journal #6 I started tying a piece of yarn from each finished knitting project to the moleskine band

with journal #7 I started listing those finished projects inside the front cover. and with journal #13, I added the yardage to that knitting record.

88:365 a knitting record.

since early october, I’ve completed 21 projects and knit just over 9,000 yards of yarn. which is more than FIVE miles. whoa. (no wonder I haven’t had much time for anything else!) I haven’t knit a sweater since november when I finished vodka gimlet. and ten of those projects were for others.

I hope journal #14 tells a similar story about knitting for others. but maybe not knitting quite so much. and definitely getting back to sweaters. we’ll see.

8 thoughts on “the thirteenth journal ends.

  1. When the journals begin piling up . . . and you can see the changes in your life right there. . . recorded in their pages. . . that's when you really KNOW the power of journaling! Welcome 14! (With many, many more!)

  2. Wow – I had no idea you were already about to start #14! I remember giving you #1! Can't wait to see you this weeek!

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