10 favorite foods for the super bowl.

…this week, carole’s prompt is about super bowl food. timely. and fun!

food shot (# one million!)
this photo is not from a super bowl spread…but it shows perfectly the kind of food I like!

1. vegetables and dip. I recently made giada’s spinach white bean dip and it’s delicious. of course the thai peanut dipping sauce shown in the photo above is also good (just not quite so healthy!)

2. shrimp. I’m a huge fan of ina’s roasted shrimp cocktail.

3. cheese and crackers.

4. fruit.

5. nuts. ina’s rosemary cashews are delicious. but any nuts will do.

6. chips and salsa.

7. something sweet, extra points for chocolate. maybe a good brownie?

8. popcorn.

…and of course I can’t forget

9. potato chips and blue cheese dip (sara makes a healthy version and it’s my favorite!)


10. buffalo chicken wings

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12 thoughts on “10 favorite foods for the super bowl.

  1. Buffalo wings are always on the menu at our house. I make a peanut butter chex mix sort of thing. I'm going to try and find the recipe this week and post it on the blog.

  2. I am so ready to come to your house! Have made the bean dip and the cashews – SO good!Sunny Anderson has a fabu recipe for wings (they are fried but oh so freaking good if you are indulging).

  3. Yum! Maybe we'll make a veggie plate and roasted shrimp cocktail! I think Rob is making his own plate of chicken wings 🙂 We may bake some nachos in the oven – that's always good and I don't think I've had those since we made them at home!

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