happy birthday.

…to katie. she turns 25 today. marc and I had fun flipping through the pages of her baby album last night. and I finally chose this photo to share. she’s smiling (this was – and still is – pretty typical). she’s styling (even more typical these days). and she’s in motion. always going someplace. someplace new. someplace challenging. hopefully someplace fun and fulfilling.

   k, best wishes for your birthday and this next year. love. miss. xxoo – m.

7 thoughts on “happy birthday.

  1. What an adorable photo. I imagine many memories abounded as you looked at photos. A very Happy Birthday to Katie. And here's to beaucoup more.Cheers~

  2. Haha what a funny picture – Rob enjoyed seeing it! Love the Paislee Press, btw! Thanks! Love you!

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