cranberry cornmeal muffins.

…quick bread #1 from my fifty for 50 list (item #2 in the because it’s fun category is to bake 12 new (to me) quick breads).

71:365 cranberry cornmeal muffins.

vanessa and beth came over this morning for our first discussion about power of a praying woman. and a meeting like that always calls for a quick bread. today I tried a recipe from the pioneer woman.

cranberry cornmeal muffins
ingredients assembled

I didn’t change much except to add fresh chopped cranberries in place of half the dried cranberries (and next time, I’d use only fresh) and – of course! – I didn’t make the butter. the instructions weren’t clear on how to mix the wet and dry ingredients. I added the dry to the wet – all at once, and stirred to combine before adding the melted shortening, then the vanilla and finally the cranberries and pecans. I also held out a tablespoon of the dry ingredients and tossed it with the cranberries before I added them so they didn’t all sink to the bottom.

cranberry cornmeal muffins
cranberries and pecans stirred in last

I don’t have any mini loaf pans, so I made muffins. and I only wanted a dozen, but I had enough batter left over for another two or three.

cranberry cornmeal muffins
ready for the oven

delicious – love the tang of the fresh cranberries and the texture of the cornmeal. I’ll definitely make them again (after I try 11 more new recipes!)

cranberry cornmeal muffins

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