one little word. shine.

…when I shared my one little word for 2012 way back on january 6, I never thought it would take me nearly two weeks to finish the january prompt. but it did (and not just because I’ve been knitting 🙂

I did the work to create all the cards last week…and then waited days for the sun to come out. because the album opens with a portrait. and I really wanted the sunshine to feature prominently in this one.

yesterday we finally saw the sun.

thank you martha for taking the photo!

so this morning I spent 2+ hours sorting through my tremendous stash of pretty papers and embellishments to create a supply box just for this project. yellow papers, gold stickers, bits of ribbons and lace, and bling! and finally, I’m ready to share.

I’m using the gray printable from ali’s downloads…and hopefully I’ll use up lots and lots of those supplies!

I am really excited about this word. it found me as I was compiling my fifty for 50 list and many of the items I included are part of what I’m inviting this year…giving, serving others, spiritual growth and sharing.
it’s going to be good – bring on the shine!

the cover page (the welcome photo posted above is on the back), with the january prompt behind it

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  1. Shine! and that you do. Shine! is a perfect word for you and I love your intro/Jan page. I am not at all surprised that your 2012 OLW shone for you!Cheers~

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