10 things to do inside when it’s too cold to go outside.

…carole’s topic this week made me laugh out loud. maybe it’s very rarely too cold here to go outside at all, but mostly because anyone who reads my blog knows that all ten are likely to be knitting, or at least knitting related. but I’m going to challenge myself to come up with at least a few things that aren’t!

our house, after snow in february 2010

1. knit.

2. blog about what you’re knitting or about the weather, or both.

3. browse ravelry…allow yourself to get get waylaid for a bit in the forums, favorite a few new projects, maybe rearrange your queue.

4. catch up on the tv shows you’ve recorded, but not found time to watch (for me, that’s parenthood and very recently downton abbey, and soon to be mad men – I’ve also started recording revenge, but understand I need to go back to the beginning before I watch the new episodes).

5. make soup.

6. bake cookies.

7. try a new cocktail. (and let yourself spend a few minutes browsing through old posts, reconfirming how much you love thea’s blog and her designs and her cocktails!) – note that 5, 6 and 7 require paying special attention to the pantry to ensure there are appropriate staples on hand.

8. do laundry.

9. write a letter.

10. skype with someone…just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t be social!

(huh, that wasn’t even hard…and it almost makes me wish for a super cold day someday soon!)

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9 thoughts on “10 things to do inside when it’s too cold to go outside.

  1. it is rare that weather keeps us totally inside. it's a great time to play and get caught up-provided there is electricity! as usual i'm sure my list won't be much different from yours.

  2. Oh I'm waiting for Mad Men too! I found it during a "back out" when I had too many days in a chair and watched the entire first season in two days! And Revenge! I just told Doug last night I thought we should watch that so thanks for the tip on Season 1. Great list Mary and the house looks lovely!

  3. ahh, soup!!! can you believe that i forgot knitting? that says a lot about what i have time for right now. you know laundry was on my list!

  4. How could I have forgotten to add Ravelry to my list? I spend loads of time cozied up there! I also forgot to add "reading seed catalogs"!

  5. There are so very many things to do when it's too cold (or too wet or too hot or too . . . whatever!) to go outside. 🙂

  6. Great list…especially like the idea of soups and experimenting with a tasty cocktail or two. What a fun thought…and like you said, best make sure the larder's well- stocked ;-)).Cheers~

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