over lunch.

lunch at bistro vg

…I enjoyed another lunch at bistro vg last friday. this one with my sister. it’s been a favorite holiday tradition of ours these past 15 years* to go out for lunch, and over several hours and a few glasses of wine (and a meal :-), revisit the highs (and occasionally the lows) of the past year and talk about our dreams and plans for the new one.

back in 2005, we actually documented a few of those “predictions” for the next 10 years (we had lunch at a little italian place, lucia’s, and we wrote this down on the paper that covered the table…note to self – that paper doesn’t age very well!)

we thought it would be fun to share those predictions…a few have come true, or are well on their way to coming true. jillian, sara and PJ have all graduated from high school and katie from college (jillian, PJ and sara are in college and on their way to graduating); and for me, we’re planning a wedding, into our second year of empty nesting, I’m retired (and marc still has no plans to!), have been to paris with katie, and I’m turning 50 this year.

a few are likely not gonna happen. I don’t play golf anymore (and I never did break 100 before I quit!) and sara wants to visit italy, not paris, for her college graduation trip.

and a few…who knows. maybe we’ll move (once sara’s out of college in 2014). maybe we’ll take a trip to wine country. and maybe I’ll be a grandmother! also, that one down in the bottom right “no tattoos”…so far so good, but I’m not betting on that one!

one that we haven’t followed through on is our annual beach trip. we both agreed we need to get back. maybe in 2013.

*check out 2009, 2008, 2007 photos…I’m not sure what happened to 2010!

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  1. what a lovely tradition! how great that you saved this . . .[and i don't believe you about the tatoo! :)]

  2. I love traditions. How great to have a sister to share this with year after year. Love your "necklace".

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