focus friday. december one little word.

december’s prompt was to document facts and feelings about our word. and things we wanted to remember.

one little word 2011...the end
the final spread – november on the left and december on the right

I have a lot more feelings than facts about my word. which makes sense since it was a feeling – having lost my focus – that set me on the journey in the first place.

the one thing I’d been putting off about the project was a binder for the completed pages. this morning I chose the easy route and simply grabbed one of the empty target binders I keep for knitting patterns. it might not be perfect, but it serves the purpose. I anticipate looking back over those pages a lot. they need to be accessible.

51:365 focus.
the binder is at the far left of row of books; I’ll be adding the 2012 pages to it as I finish them, too
in closing, I feel proud of what I’ve done with my one little word. I love that this is a word I’m not going to lose (ask me my words for all the other years and I might not be able to even remember them).  I plan to continue focus fridays here on my blog. and I know what I learned last year is going to give me a jump start on my 2012 word. shine.

7 thoughts on “focus friday. december one little word.

  1. Love your word! Mine is going to be Pace. Certain people have been teasing me but no other word has come to me so Pace it is! Yay OLW 2012.

  2. Love your album choice and that you are combining years; I am too.I am confident that your 2012 year will *shine,* in ever so many ways. You already have a head start…what's not to shine?Looking forward to this Year's *journey* – my word.Cheers~

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