cranberry bliss.

…text message from sara, 1:52 pm this afternoon:

Bought the stuff to make cranberry bliss bars!
Should smell blissful when you get home 🙂

oh my yes. I wish you could smell this.
34:365 cranberry bliss.

as much as I love coming home to chill, coming home to family, warmth, lights…and the smell of baking, is the best!

(thank you sara, it’s wonderful!)

6 thoughts on “cranberry bliss.

  1. Love cranberries! Bet these are extra good. I understand that research is being conducted to deliver scents via the Interrnet…maybe not in our lifetimes…til then, we'll just need to make these in order to get in on the 'bliss.' Thx Sara.Cheers~

  2. felt the same way when andrew told me "it smells good in here" when i was baking cookies on saturday. the kitchen has become our hangout place.

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