tuesday unwrapped.

…treasuring this morning moment for two reasons:

first, that brilliant cardinal red is seen best against the neutral landscape and bare trees of winter. I don’t really think of winter as a pretty season, but it is. beautiful.

and second, I was already late for work (spent a few extra minutes on my hair, ugh!), but I saw the bird as I was backing out the driveway and knew it could be the moment. I tried to take the picture from my rolled down car window, but of course I wasn’t close enough. so I put the car in park, jumped out and gave that cardinal my best photographer moves… and I still made it to work with four minutes to spare!

again, I’m linking up with emily. looking forward to seeing what others have to share.

6 thoughts on “tuesday unwrapped.

  1. cardinals are one of the reasons i'm willing to share my yard (and seed) with squirrels. they are lovely against the winter landscape. glad you made the time to take the photo and share it.

  2. This sounds so terrible, but I never noticed birds until about three years ago. I think I've always just been rushed or busy or maybe didn't care.However, now that I notice them, I'm in awe of their beauty. Yikes, love that red.Popped over from Emily's.

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