focus friday. november one little word.

november’s prompt was about self-reflection through a series of “i statements”. ali provided the six statements and we had three extra spaces for pretty paper collages. when I first watched the video back on november 6, I thought “wow, good stuff”…but as the month progressed, I found it hard to nail down my thoughts. this word, and the process that ali has led us through, have had such an impact on me. how do I sum it all up on six little cards?

last weekend, with the 30th just a few days away (of course the focused me was going to finish the prompt by the end of the month!), I printed the cards on scrap paper, glued them into my journal, and started writing. I finished yesterday (yeah, a day late) and printed the cards for real. the paper collages were easy (for once!) and the words seemed right.

except for the i believe statement. the one I journaled read “the process ali presented has been a huge part of why this word. this year. has worked.” but when I went to write it on the card, what came out was “I chose the right word. at the right time. and I’m so grateful. (amen!)” those words are right.

I watched the december video last night, and I’m looking forward to finishing up the project later this month. and yes, I’ve already signed up for the 2012 class. and chosen my word. more about that later. for now, it’s still about focus!

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  1. Can't wait to hear what the new word is – glad you got everything finished 🙂 Now get some rest! xo

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