celebrating 50 years.

…together. their anniversary isn’t til next month, but we celebrated yesterday. getting our three families and six grandchildren together isn’t easy so we celebrate when we can (and technically we didn’t manage six, since katie’s spending the holiday in LA, but we did see her on facetime and I know my dad took a photo of her!)

the food was plentiful and delicious. two kinds of lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread, tiramisu and gingerbread cake (no turkey or pumpkin pies in sight!)

 and there were decorations. little 50’s and hearts spread on the tables and golden 50’s streamers.

and smiles.

50 years together
my mom and dad

and a group shot.
anniversary party

and a photo book, which I apparently forgot to photograph… oh well.

…it was a lovely party, I’m so glad we were able to get together to celebrate. happy anniversary (a few weeks early)!

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