10 things for which I’m thankful.

…limiting this list to 10 things is hard. but this morning, these are the ones that are top of mind.

lunch at macaroni grill
me, my dad and my mom at macaroni grill…after lunch and before shopping (see #8)

1. a family who loves me. unconditionally.

2. my health. as I walked dark early with vanessa, and then again with holly, I am especially grateful I actually enjoy those daily walks.

3. I’m surrounded by friends, in person and on-line. we make each other laugh, and cry. we listen. we share. we play. we are there for each other.

4. sara’s coming home tomorrow.

5. skype with katie. we have her first knitting lesson scheduled for tonight and I expect to share a champagne toast with her on thursday.

6. holly. she is the best four-legged company I could ask for. (and some days, she’s the best company period 🙂

7. we have plenty. our holiday challenge is one of “too much”, not “too little”.

8. holiday traditions. the photo above was taken at lunch yesterday. for about ten years, my parents have been coming to see us for thanksgiving (my sister, my brother and I all live within about 20 miles of each other; my parents stay with my sister and the rest of us take turns entertaining them). lunch and shopping is our monday tradition. (and our wednesday tradition…. that might be tomorrow’s blog post!)

9. time to do the things I love. knit. study. take photographs. blog.

10. my knitting students. they are fun and inspiring and when a lightbulb goes off for them, it’s just the best! I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather get paid to do than teach them!

thank you, carole, for another wonderful prompt!

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  1. great list-i love the traditions that have developed over the years. always good times, and a fun way to usher in the christmas season.

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