my new view.

my new view
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…I’ve been a fan of shanna murray‘s decals for ages, so I was thrilled to get one on my stocking last christmas. I’d planned to put it on this wall behind my desk to frame an inspiration board. but when I got serious about putting it up (say april?) marc started talking about installing something above the granite countertops … and I got worried about committing my precious decal to a wall that might not be a commitment.

so I thought about less permanent solutions. a blackboard came first, but I couldn’t find a frame to match the decor (I even tried paint, but that was a mess!) and then I figured out the frame idea. it took a few more months for a 50% off framing coupon (and for me to get the nerve to do it!). finally last month, I did. I took a few deep breaths and adhered the decal to a huge piece of brown paper. (kudos to shanna – it was easy!). then I took that paper to dick blick and had it framed.  a few weeks later… my inspiration “board”.

I’m using magic tape right now to adhere the various pieces of paper. but I think it would be cool to get masking tape – in colors (or stripes??!) like the japanese washi tape.

but most of all, I’m glad to finally have reminders of what’s important right now right in front of me!

4 thoughts on “my new view.

  1. I love how you decided to display this. Although seeing my reflection from a few feet away will take some getting used to.

  2. this is very cool and creative, i'm finally getting around to hanging inspirational elements in the basement where i seem to spend most of my time.

  3. This is so pretty! What a creative use of the decal! I definitely think Santa could find you some pretty washi tape that matches! 🙂

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