10 ways to beat a cold.

…this one is especially timely around here. marc, sara and I have all been bitten by the cold bug this season. and technically carole’s topic is how to care for yourself when you have a cold, but I think taking good care helps you beat it, so here goes:

1. hot tea. I am a confirmed coffee drinker. the first sign I’m not feeling well is that I don’t like to even think about coffee. hot tea, however, is soothing and hydrating. something with chai is especially nice with a bit of milk. (and my special M mug always makes me smile!)
2. juice, water (and more tea). I heard recently that drinking lots of fluids helps to flush out the germs. that might be true because the extra liquids do make me feel better.
3. zinc and vitamin C lozenges. start sucking these at the first itty bitty sign of a cold or sore throat. they might even keep you from getting sick.
4. chicken soup. more liquid, and this one with some protein and flavor and proven benefits for fighting a cold. 
5. rest. early to bed, no alarm and a few naps during the day. (I guess it goes without saying you should stay home when you’re sick!)
6. workout. this one’s tricky, but sometimes working up a sweat helps me feel more like my (well) self.
7. cozy up with a book and a blanket.
8. tissues with lotion. lots of boxes!
9. sweatpants, sweatshirt and slippers.
10. and then, a long hot shower and real clothes. spending too much time in my sweats starts to make me feel worse!

10 thoughts on “10 ways to beat a cold.

  1. You approach dealing with a cold much like I do. Great list! (A hard workout has lessened many a cold for me over the years; I think it's true about the sweating. . .)

  2. yep to all of these, when i've got the scratchy throat i go for honey in the tea-i don't always have a workout-guess it depends on how i'm really feeling. am thankful that i have a boss and co-workers who encourage us to stay at home when the sniffles begins-things have spread like wildfire in my office. i think by tackling it early-makes for a speedier recovery.

  3. Good list! Here's to hoping I won't catch anything this season – and if I do, it better be soon! I refuse to be sick over the holidays – or in Mexico! Hope you're feeling back to 100% soon!

  4. I love your list and agree with all of it. I'm the exact same way about coffee. It's the first sign that I'm not feeling well when the thought of coffee in the morning is unappealing.

  5. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope it's short-lived. To the list, I'd add "shrimp." Doubt that it has any medicinal purposes but my mother always fixed us shrimp when we had really bad colds…made us feel better even if we weren't.Cheers~

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