halloween decorations.

…I’ll say it up front – I’m not a fan of halloween. I think it goes back to my girls’ younger days when I was balancing a full-time job, day care, homework, housework, yikes! … and costumes, candy and trick or treating was just.too.much. really, I am not at all creative in the costume department, I don’t really care for candy bars (except the really good stuff that should be adults only)…and now I have holly who barks like a much bigger dog whenever the doorbell rings! like I said, not a fan….

but my neighborhood seems to be really getting into the whole thing. not that we have decorations anything like what anne hanson shares with us (I doubt many of us have that much to share!)

vanessa and I were out dark early for a walk this morning and saw huge skeleton faces in windows, plenty of orange lights and a very creepy strobe-lit bonus room. once it was light, holly and I went to check out those “scary” scenes.

um, yeah, not nearly so scary in daylight! and I was relieved to see that the creepy shadow in the strobe-lit bonus room window was actually some sort of black-robed ghost, hanging outside (it was breezy when vanessa and I walked).

but the best part for me were these blooms in the front yard of a house that didn’t have anything orange or scary or pumpkin. just lovely.

6 thoughts on “halloween decorations.

  1. my roses are enjoying this weather. we normally have some very nice halloween decorations in our neighborhood, but they aren't up yet-hmmm. my favorites are the yards with pumpkins and mums-very fall-y-ish.

  2. I'll take the roses ANY day! They are lovely. I've never been a Halloween fan, either. I tried to put on a good front (especially in the costume and pumpkin departments) when my kids were little. But now … I'm ready to just move on.

  3. What an ingenious take on this prompt ( which totally stifled my creativity, I must admit!). The roses are gorgeous-maybe because we've had so much rain this fall.Cheers~

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