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Superhero Photo E-Course
…I’ve made reference here a few times to the superhero photo workshop. it started september 19 and ends next week. I’ve been a bit irritated with myself because I don’t feel like I’ve been taking full advantage of everything the course has to offer. truly, as of yesterday, I’d only uploaded four photos. yep, only four!! I’d hoped for more like 100.

I was even more mad at myself about my lack of participation because ali’s prompt for october is photos. a re-run of the february prompt, we’re capturing nine 2-1/8 x 3-1/8 images that tell the story of our word right now.
but then I spent several hours yesterday afternoon updating my photo album. I had over 120 photos to add, all taken since the beginning of august. and as I worked through the pile (I use the kolo catalina albums – 4×6 prints and I write a short description of who/where/when for each), I revisited so many happy memories. knitting, celebrating with friends, holly’s birthday, lunches out, dinner out, the beach, fall at the park, 30 miles walking through atlanta with my sister… some of the photos aren’t that great, a few are really spectacular…but all come together to tell my story. one for which I am incredibly grateful.
so (for now, anyway!) no more regrets about the photos. I’m going to work through the class at my own pace and enjoy it.
I did grab my camera this morning for our walk and added three more to the four. and I found nine images to reflect focus for me right now.
1. rainbow in the fountain at the park – it always makes me smile when I see it; 2. on the trail with holly and sure signs of the changing season; 3. our pear tree – I LOVE the way the leaves glow from the light; 4. my latest lace shawl; 5. knitting with friends; 6. a favorite scripture (I’ve had the bible for years, but only started highlighting passages recently); 7. sunset at the beach; 8. framing the new with the old (I love the metaphor!); 9. remembering to look up

5 thoughts on “focus friday. photographs.

  1. another area i definitely need to focus on-going through the paris and beach photos are STILL on my to do list. good for you.

  2. Lovely photos Mary. And the last two posts as well. I love the picture of you and your sister with your parents. It's all about time isnt' it? Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Great photos and I love your 9,especially the old/ new metaphor. Brilliant shot.Isn't it amazing how reflection can put a whole new spin on our angst or should I say, our frustration with self? Been there, done that too. Congrats to you for another successful Focus Friday! Do enjoy your weekend.Cheers~

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