happy birthday!

…to my dad.

one of the sad things about living 350+ miles away from my parents is that I don’t get to celebrate birthdays in person with them very often. and almost never on the actual birthday. so I treasure this photo – taken on my dad’s birthday back in 2002 – and the memories of a birthday, shared.

he and my mom were up for a visit and we surprised him with lunch out at the macaroni grill. I had to tell some sort of story to get them to the restaurant located by my sister’s office (instead of the one – now closed – by my house) so she could meet us. I’m pretty sure we shared fried calamari, a few glasses of the house chianti and something for dessert (my dad and I love dessert when we’re out!). and maybe they even sang happy birthday to him in italian. the smiles on our faces suggest we had a very good time!

happy birthday, daddy!

6 thoughts on “happy birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! You guys do have the same smile đŸ˜€ It's crazy to think that was almost ten years ago!

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