…the weather in atlanta has been beautiful this week (we’re very short on rain, but long on highs in the 70’s and low 80’s with low humidity and a breeze – the kind of weather I imagine san diego has all the time. yes, that beautiful).

so when my plans for the afternoon got cancelled mid-morning, I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than sit outside. and knit. with a friend. (daily list #9 & #10 🙂

joanna and I spent two lovely hours outside at starbucks. and she obliged #8, even helping to “pose” holly. obviously, holly didn’t want any posing!
at starbucks

we chatted and we knitted and we chatted. I asked if she was planning to meet susie gibbs next week. and that got me chatting about her fabulous yarns, and the lovely laceweight traveling woman I saw on hoxton’s blog last week. her shawl is one of the prettiest knitted things I’ve seen – ever. and once I saw it I knew my plan to re-purpose my breezy cardigan was right. I even have a size 6 lace needle ready for action!

of course mine is orange. and it’s for me. but it’s the third time I’ve knit the pattern. it’s got to be charmed.

just begun. raveled here.

5 thoughts on “charmed.

  1. I'm disappointed not to get to see your Breezy since I know you do beautiful work but it's definitely better to use the yarn for something you're inspired to work on!

  2. I "see you" – your reflection taking the photo …and I bet you did all 10 things on your 'daily list' on a gorgeous fall day. Autumn weather and playdates, especially the serendipitous ones, are always super special.I think the scarf will be lovely; looking forward to seeing it.Cheers~

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. We're getting a last blast of summer here this weekend with temps in the 70s and low 80s and no humidity. Hooray!

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