10 things I (would like to) do daily.

from my journal, entry dated 1-15-07

…inspired by carole‘s topic this week to re-visit a journal entry from way back in 2007 – january 15, 2007, to be specific. I’d just started journaling and scrapbooking and reading blogs (mostly about journaling and scrapbooking 🙂 and everything was an inspiration. this day was a list of 10 things I wanted to do every day (inspired by this blog). and every so often in my journal, I’d document how I’d done those 10 things that day. three of those 10 have really stuck with me:

learn something new.
tell marc, katie & sara that I love them.
wear mascara and lip gloss (I’m passing this one on).

…but the others I didn’t even remember. I think it’s time for a new list!

10 things I would like to do daily – the september 2011 version:

1. learn something new.

2. tell marc, katie & sara that I love them.

3. wear mascara and lip gloss and earrings.

4. laugh out loud (from my last list).

5. take holly for a walk; let her smell the leaves for a minute a two without getting impatient.

6. blog or journal.

7. read something just for fun (also from my last list).

8. take a picture (I’m going to start another 365 project very soon).

9. knit.

10. have a real conversation with a friend – in person, phone, skype all count. email or text message does not.

that’s it – what do you want to be sure to do each day?

thank you, carole, for the inspiration! if you’d like to play along with the “real” ten on tuesday, here’s the link!

9 thoughts on “10 things I (would like to) do daily.

  1. great list! and #5 speaks to me! 🙂 i have to remember that most everything really will wait . . .

  2. Great list – I think a lot of the things on your first (that I can read, at least) you have done but your life is so different now than it was 4 1/2 years ago.My favorite is #10 – we should all try to do that!

  3. exercise is a priority and i want to get something "new" out of my devotional reading. would like to see #10 be a reality, but with all the chatting at work on a daily basis i kinda want silence. great list-always good to go back and see what's changed or not.

  4. A lot of people have mentioned the 365 day challenge – which is great to see! I have never done that personally, but would aspire to do so in the future. – Great post!

  5. Love your approach! I want to do a little sketch every day. I would like to follow through on my 365 project, too. I've tried twice, and didn't get too far…

  6. It's great to have the perspective that an old journal provides, isn't it? Sometimes. . . the more things change. . . the more they stay the same! I love your list — and I especially love the focus on the things you would LIKE to do daily. Just perfect.

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