did the 2.

…yes we did! two days. thirty miles. the logo on the back of this year’s shirt is very cool. it reads “did the 2”. I didn’t catch that pink “i” the first time I read it and I love that it’s so subtle. this event is certainly a group effort. the staff and the volunteers work so hard to make it “easy” to walk those 30 miles. but when it comes down to it, walking 30 miles in 2 days is really personal.

I am so proud of myself and my sister karen for doing it again. her 6th walk and my 5th. I think the walks get easier, but we get older…it sort of balances out?! (although I’ll bet karen would say the walk itself was a lot easier when she was six years younger – I told a few people this year that she is now the age I was when I did my first walk…and I think she’s a bit more sympathetic to my complaints about how much it hurts!)

here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend – you get a good taste of what we saw, how hard we walked, and how much fun we had.

you can see all the photos here

1. the finish line, 2. sunday b’rest stop 3, 3. atlanta, 4. room with a view, 5. saturday mile 20, 6. we’re walking for mom, 7. oakland cemetary, 8. old and new, 9. a capitol reflection, 10. you go girls, 11. congrats from the fox, 12. saturday b’rest stop 1, 13. karen & mary

this event has become a highlight of my year…and none of it would be possible without the generous support from our friends and family.

yes, we came within $5 of our goal – $2,495!!! that’s amazing! we are so grateful for your contributions and your support. we felt you lifting us up…especially during those last few miles yesterday and this morning, when putting on our shoes and socks to go out again seemed so hard. THANK YOU!!
we’ve both signed up for next year. it will be the 10th anniversary of the walk – and I’m proud to think we’ve been part of it for more than half those years.
again, to everyone who supported us – thank you!

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  1. my hat is off to you two and congrats. looks like you had a great adventure and again, thank you for doing this. it offers such positive consequences for many.cheers~

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