beach trip 2011.

…a picture’s worth a thousand words, and the 29 I kept from this trip tell most of the story.

four sunsets, all beautiful. and really one of my favorite parts of our trip. we went to the beach for three, packing just a bottle of wine, our cameras and a blanket (and remarked several times how much easier a beach trip is without small children!)

the first night was the only one with clouds.
first sunset

and I thought those were the prettiest until this year. truly, the ones that started from a clear blue sky were stunning.
the sunset

holly had a great time “off-leash” – she loved running around in the sand, chasing after the little seagulls…but made sure she didn’t get her feet wet. and she didn’t seem to mind getting sand in her whiskers (and surely in her mouth?!)

but she also loved to walk along the water. these two photos (thank you katie!) are favorites.
from katie's camera

from katie's camera

we enjoyed one sunset from our balcony – four stories above the street. the sunset really shows off the unique architecture of rosemary beach.
rooftop sunset

and we ate (and drank – especially loved katie’s gin cocktails with fresh herbs and club soda and lydia’s popsicles and wine…always a favorite and even more fun now that katie is learning about – and loving!! – it too!).
beach lunch

and went for morning walks (karen & lydia) and runs (mary & katie). I love the architecture in alys beach – thank you instagram!
alys beach

the photos don’t tell how much we knitted and read (and then read and knitted…those photos just aren’t that interesting!).

mostly, though, it was about relaxing, enjoying the views and the company.
our last sunset

it was perfect.

7 thoughts on “beach trip 2011.

  1. omg – these pictures of you and holly are adorable. and katie's glasses! love! wish i had been there, looks like a great time!

  2. What fantastic photos of the sunset- must have been real tough to pack up and leave. Really, really love your new banner~it is exquisite and I'm sure every time you see it, you'll be flooded with such wonderful memories. What other wonderful adventures are ahead this fall?Cheers~

  3. What a wonderful, restorative time! I feel more relaxed just looking at your beautiful photos. (I love the shots of you and Holly walking the beach.)

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