9 thoughts on “startitis.

  1. I didn't read your post title (was just oogling the gorgeous yarn) and thought "hmm, she's sure on a casting on spree". Well, now I know you have a case of startits!

  2. love! i have finishitis-would there be room in the trunk for all the sweaters i'm ALMOST done with?! love love that orange color-wish i could wear as a sweater-i guess that's what knit socks are for!

  3. Ooohh, so very pretty. Is the khaki color for Vodka Gimlet? What yarn are you using? I love that new pattern! Which one are you enjoying the most, if you can tell from the cast-on. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Beautiful fall colors! I love that dark orange/brown! And the taupe-ish gray! Yay for a new season!

  5. yes, i agree with the earlier comments. i completely thought "fall" when i saw the picture! hooray for fall!!!

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