10 ways to prepare for a big storm.

carole’s back and reports that they made it through irene ok. thank goodness! I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from others with this topic – thankfully, we don’t have many “big storms” here in atlanta, so we don’t get much practice! but what I do know falls into three broad categories – secure your home, prepare to be stranded in your home with no access to grocery stores or other people, and prepare to lose power.

60/365 - snow
a “snowstorm” for us back in march, 2009 – this one came without much warning – so I think I only managed a few of my 10 items below!

1. store the deck furniture (or at least close the umbrella).

2. remove dead trees and pine trees if they’re anywhere close to your house.

3. make sure you have water, milk, coffee, wine, food that won’t require cooking and dog food.

4. fill a cooler (or two) with ice.

5. find candles, matches and flashlight batteries.

6. charge your iphone, your ipod and your camera.

7. find blankets (or cool clothes…depends on the season).

8. gather games.

9. find a few knitting projects that don’t require good light (thinking “not lace or laceweight”).

10. pray.

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6 thoughts on “10 ways to prepare for a big storm.

  1. i love the photo, between this years ice, the december snow and the floods of 2009 i think we've learned a few things. great list, and i'd add-a full propane tank in case you have to use the grill for cooking. preparing for storms is one reason why i've held onto my not so great sweaters-just in case.

  2. I love #4 and 6. Of course we need knitting and I have added one of those miner's type headlamps to my wish list. Especially after losing power for 6 hours a few months ago.

  3. I have never commented before but wanted to add one thing. Fill your bathtub with water. I'm from New England and when a hurricane or blizzard was on the way, that's the first thing my Mom would do. Not for drinking, but you can boil it and drink it, flush your toilet with it if you have a well, do dishes, all with just a dip of a bucket in the tub. Just my 2 cents!Love your blog too.Sheri, from RI but living in Southeast GA

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