the homestretch.

…yep, four weeks from today, the 2011 2-day walk will be a memory. and if this year is anything like the others, we’ll be sore, but smiling, grateful for the support of our family and friends who helped us raise a significant amount of money for an extremely worthwhile cause.

this month, we took our 2nd training walk at the big creek greenway in alpharetta. it’s a wonderful facility. for the record, we only saw one snake (and honestly, I’m not sure we really saw it – fortunately there was plenty of warning and I think we both managed to look the other way while we carefully walked past it). and we logged nearly ten miles on concrete, wooden decking, asphalt, and a bit of red georgia clay. good training for the real walk! we’re planning one more training walk while we’re in florida next month. it will be flat, but really hot and humid…again good preparation for the real thing!

so we’re doing our part to prepare. and so are you! I snagged this screen shot about an hour ago. woo hoo!!! remember last year we reached our $2,500 goal the day of the walk. this year, it looks promising that we’ll start the walk with the fundraising done. thank you!

and…as promised, photos of the quilt that our sister-in-law lydia and her quilt club created. it’s beautiful; sorry, I know the photos don’t do it justice! for every $25 you donate, you’ll receive one entry in the drawing to win it.

thank you everyone for your support. it means everything to us!

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  1. The quilt is wonderful and I'm sure it will generate a lot of donations! It's great that you are doing this again, good luck meeting your goal.

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