focus friday. august one little word.

…another month nearly done, and another prompt complete. this month was a self-portrait (it will be printed 5×7) and a few affirming words. ali’s prompt included a list of suggested affirmations, with the idea we’d print them and cut them out to adhere to the photo, but I added mine in photoshop. so one photo to print and done!

I love shadow portraits and knew right away that was the way I wanted to capture this one. on the (right) path at my favorite hembree park, daily exercise, and holly. we walk there a couple of mornings a week, just the two of us. that fifty minutes of quiet time is perfect to get my thoughts together for the day/week ahead. and the exercise – for both of us! – is a bonus.

of course it took me a few tries to get 1) a sunny morning; and 2) holly’s cooperation! finally came together yesterday morning.

7 thoughts on “focus friday. august one little word.

  1. i love this-the photo, adding the wording to the photo and the caption-everything tied together and sooo relavent.

  2. Just perfect…and exactly where you are! I love the photo: the combo shadow + real pic of Holly is wonderful. Like you, I too love shadow portraits…they are so much fun…I'm still mulling over which photo to use: a shadow portrait ( my initial thought) or the sun dappled one from OR…who says I need to limit to one?Great job!Cheers~

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