10 birthday wishes for my mom.

this is not an official ten on tuesday list…but today is my mom’s birthday and it seems like the right topic for me!

here's to america #2
my mom at her 70th birthday with my brother, me and my sister

1. laughter

2. love
3. health
4. family
5. boston cream pie (is this still your favorite? I can’t even remember the last time we had it!)
6. pretty handmade cards
7. emails and phone calls and text messages from everyone who can’t be there in person to celebrate with you today
8. a big bouquet of yellow, pink and purple balloons – much happier than flowers, I think!
9. a great photo of the four of us…it’s a few years old and I’m reminded we need to get a new one
10. (and NOT) a handmade party hat đŸ™‚
best wishes, Mother – hope you have a wonderful day!!

6 thoughts on “10 birthday wishes for my mom.

  1. What a wonderful happy birthday wish for your mom, here's to more! The photo, tho not new shows a lot of happiness in all your faces. Thx for sharing!Cheers~

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