listening. the whirr of the fan and the ticking clock. as silent as it ever seems to get in my kitchen.

eating. nothing yet. planning a run and that always goes better on an empty stomach!

drinking. water.

wearing. my pjs.

feeling. excited about a new bible study and meet-ups with friends planned nearly every day this week.

weather. hot. humid. august.

wanting. cooler temperatures – missing my two laps at the park with holly and hoping she gets her energy back when it’s not so hot.

needing. to schedule catchup phone calls with two friends who live far away.

enjoying. a manicure.

looking forward. finalizing plans for holiday knitting and stitching.

wondering. have the leaves always started turning so soon?

7 thoughts on “currents.

  1. I thought about you so much on Saturday. I'm sure the kitchen seems more silent today since Sara has gone back to school. I am also waiting for cooler temps!

  2. Hmm… I experienced some silence this morning as I was the first one awake, too! (That usually never happens)Enjoy your renewed empty nester status. 🙂

  3. Cooler here today, hope that's true in your neck of the woods and that you got that run in…and yes, the leaves are turning and dropping. I think heat and no rain are cause. Enjoy your new Bible study and reconnecting with friends (and daughter#1, too). Always adds to my day when I do.Cheers~

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