another summer coming to a close.

…Sara goes back to school on Saturday. and I’m certainly in a much better place this year than last – it helps knowing that Marc and I enjoy being empty nesters 🙂 and that she’s been home over three months (and that I have another very small being to care for). but still, it’s bittersweet.

Tomorrow is busy with last minute shopping, laundry and cleaning, so today was the celebration. We saw Harry Potter (quickly – it was wonderful – not as good as the book, of course, nothing could be – the book was the best!) and then enjoyed a(nother!!) very late lunch at Bistro VG.

The food was delicious as always. And I have to say it was a real toss-up about which I enjoyed more – rehashing Harry Potter…or the browned butter fig tart we shared for dessert.

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lunch at bistro vg

lunch at bistro vg

lunch at bistro vg

But the best part for sure… sharing a lovely lunch out – and a photo! – with Sara.
lunch at bistro vg

Best wishes for the upcoming year, Sara – I’m sure you’ll do well (and have fun, too!)

4 thoughts on “another summer coming to a close.

  1. Hannah still has another 2 weeks at home, one of which we'll all spend together on a family vacation. I think the adjustment for all of us this year will be much easier than last year!

  2. hard to believe that a year has passed! what a lovely way to spend the last day before school resumes. great photo of you and Sara…and the food looked quite delish.cheers~

  3. I put Daniel on a plane this morning for year two in NC. He forgot his computer at home! I am now part owner of UPS. 😉 Enjoy the weekend!

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