ten on tuesday. beach food.

beach lunch
from our last trip to rosemary beach, summer 2008

ahhh…beach food. something about the warm sun and salt water, and being on vacation, but it seems like food always tastes better at the beach. of course “at the beach” doesn’t mean “on the sand”. it’s great if we can see the sand (and the water), but I like eating at a table! and we splurge on a few things, but for the most part, we eat pretty healthy…after all, we’re wearing bathing suits most of the time!

1. coffee…. sitting on the deck, watching the sun rise. (yes, there’s a starbucks 🙂

2. the fabulous fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese platters (like the one above) we always have for lunches in.

3. sweet potato fries at bud & alley’s when we venture out for lunch.

4. boiled shrimp.

5. fresh oysters. we like them raw, with just a little cocktail sauce and horseradish. (and a cold beer).

6. grilled grouper. a specialty on that part of the gulf.

7. chicken fajitas. my sister’s specialty. she goes all out – salsa, guacamole and cheese dip, beans and rice, peppers and onions, spicy chicken. it’s usually enough for two or three meals.

8. mike’s hard lemonade and beer. I’m not usually a fan, but sitting out in the sun, these really hit the spot!

9. popcorn (anywhere, anytime!)

10. leftovers. we end up with a lot of them!

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  1. i'm officially starving after reading that list! i love every one of those (especially oysters!), but i have to agree that i prefer a meal not seasoned with sand.

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