“I used to eat popcorn for every meal, she told me once. It made me feel like I was in the movies & my life would turn out happy in the end. Did it work? I said. I don’t know, she said, but I like to think the roughage counts for something.”

-Story People 

I am currently addicted to the Smart Pop 100 calorie snack bags. It’s just the right amount to take the edge off any hunger pains  since we’re eating dinner pretty late these days and I don’t like to have that glass of wine on an empty stomach. …roughage counts for a lot!

4 thoughts on “roughage.

  1. I love popcorn and often get an urge for it mid afternoon; going to try yours; thx for the tip. A glass of wine…will need to try that too one evening ;-).Cheers~

  2. Sara gave me her popper before she moved to France, so we've been enjoying Friday night movie + popcorn (sometimes on a Saturday). I hadn't made popcorn in years, but now I remember how much I love it!!

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