it’s the little things.

…playing along with kim and texture tuesday today, celebrating the little things that are making me smile this morning.

the sunrise, with kim’s canvas love textures (and a few other tweaks)

::promise of sunshine after last night’s thunderstorms::a dark-early walk with vanessa, good exercise and great girl talk::playing in photoshop with kim’s new canvas textures::new podcasts on my iphone::today’s to-do list done (before 8am!)::time this morning to needlepoint and knit::holly seems to be her normal cheerful self after yesterday’s tummy troubles.

what little things are making you smile?


5 thoughts on “it’s the little things.

  1. finally adding photos to the digital frame that was a gift almost 3 years ago-400+ photos from our paris trip sitting next to my computer at work.

  2. Crossing everything off my to do list; a hot cup of coffee that's not gone yet; fog moving over the hills outside my office window…Love yours!

  3. You have a busy day planned. I'm glad you had the chance to post this wonderful photo. Looks like the beginning of a glorious day.

  4. Nice shot of the clouds…thanks for reminding us of the little things we seem to forget at time.Bright blessings,Kathy

  5. Reading this post and thoroughly enjoying it and the photo and experiencing a very lovely, cool and bright Thurs morning during an extended MSQT.Many thanks for adding to my pleasures.Cheers~

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