10 favorite chick flicks.

…this is a fun one – and I’m sure there will be a lot of similarity across our lists, but hopefully a bit of difference and I’ll find a few new movies to check out!

1. charade. audrey hepburn and cary grant. romance and suspense in 1963 paris. what’s not to love?
2. the thomas crown affair (the new one). pierce brosnan and renee russo. new york and an island in the caribbean. and art. great soundtrack. I love renee’s look in this movie. hair, clothes and makeup. and ooohh, this dress.
3. something’s gotta give. diane keaton and jack nicholson. a fabulous house in the hamptons. I, too, will wear white when I get to my 60’s!
4. pretty woman. julia roberts is so young and pretty. love the chemistry between her and richard gere. and strawberries and champagne.
5. you’ve got mail. meg ryan and tom hanks work so well together. another one set in new york, and new york plays a key role in the story. (and I’ve never seen the original…should I?)
6. pillow talk. doris day and rock hudson. manhattan in the late 1950’s. classic sets and costumes.
7. stranger than fiction. I am not a will farrell fan, except for this movie. the story is sweet (he courts a baker and brings her flours), the soundtrack features spoon, and dustin hoffman and emma thompson are wonderful.
8. to catch a thief.  cary grant and grace kelly, beautiful scenery and spectacular fireworks. I wonder if alfred hitchcock would mind having a movie on this list?
9. it’s complicated.  meryl streep lives in a beautiful house in santa barbara and cooks. steve martin is delightful, but (surprisingly, I promise!) I find myself cheering alec baldwin’s character instead.
10. when harry met sally. last, but certainly not least!

this list was harder than I expected to put together, mainly because I’m limited to 10! appears I’m drawn to the actors and the setting more than the story. maybe because they all have happy endings?

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4 thoughts on “10 favorite chick flicks.

  1. i can watch #4 and #5 over and over and over again. love them. looks like i need to check out some new (classic) movies!

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