texture tuesday. dream.

…playing along with kim klassen today; she released the dream texture this weekend and I couldn’t wait to use it.

the pond at hembree park, a favorite place of mine to be still and dream. used kim’s dream and golden textures.

I’ve been so blessed these past few years – many of my dreams have already come true! but we’re heading into a new phase of life…time for new inspirations. In my dreams, I will:

♥ dance with marc at my daughters’ weddings.

♥ celebrate sara’s college graduation with a trip to italy, sharing food, wine and discovery with both girls.

♥ live by water (a lake or a river, not the ocean).

♥ knit for my grandchildren (I’ve been collecting ideas in ravelry for while!)

♥ make a mission trip someplace outside the united states.

11 thoughts on “texture tuesday. dream.

  1. This a beautiful photograph and so perfect for this texture and theme. I love reading about your goals. It is always good to dream…gives us something to look forward to other than the daily grind!

  2. Ooh that texture makes the pond look totally different! Doesn't it look like Spanish moss? Fun! I'll get to work on dreams #1 and #4 😉

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