doing the 2.

this is our donation page – $2,500 to go!

…as in the atlanta 2-day walk for breast cancer. karen and I have signed up again (this will be her 6th year and my 5th – wow!) and pledged to raise $2,500. the walk is september 24 and 25, but the fundraising deadline is august 27th. we hit our $2,500 goal last year on the day of the walk – which was in october. we’re hoping we can meet our goal ahead of the walk this year. and based on the generous support of our friends and family, we think it’s doable!

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the grant review process last fall. reading through all the applications and writing up recommendations for funding really brought home how important this walk – and the money we raise – is to our community. real people dealing with breast cancer. we are privileged to help.

our sister-in-law lydia and her quilt club have again created a quilt for us to give away. like last year, every $25 donated will get one entry in the raffle ($25 = one entry and $75 = three entries). I’ll post a photo of the quilt as soon as I can – we’re scheduled for a handoff in august.

and we have a 2-day duffle bag to give away. everyone who donates will get one entry in that raffle.

we’ve already taken our first training walk. seven miles on a hot summer morning felt like ten…and that’s only one third of what we’ll do in september. yikes! we have two more long walks scheduled in august. maybe it will cool off a bit before then? (not likely, I know, but we can hope!)

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