10 favorite beach songs.

best sunset at the end
rosemary beach sunset, 2008

carole’s topic for today is favorite beach songs. I’ve had fun this morning remembering long-ago trips to the jersey, california and connecticut beaches. and looking back through photos of beach trips with my sister. we started an annual trip in 1999 to the florida gulf coast (our girls were very young then…and so were we!) and continued it until 2008.

I’m excited we’re going again this fall with lydia and katie. I’m sure this trip will have its own soundtrack, but I hope it includes a few of these favorites.

1. under the boardwalk. more south carolina than gulf coast, but still my all-time favorite.

2. fun, fun, fun. and this one is california, but fun to dance to!

3. california girls. ditto.

4. margaritaville. finally in the right state! (and a great state of beach mind, too!)

5. brown-eyed girl. we always throw in a little van morrison.

6. piano man. and billy joel.

7. don’t let the sun go down on me. and elton john.

8. born to run. a tribute to high school and trips to the jersey shore.

9. cathedral. and one from college summers with marc at the connecticut shore.

10. be young, be foolish, be happy. pretty much sums up the beach state of mind!

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5 thoughts on “10 favorite beach songs.

  1. great list! under the boardwalk is one of my favorite summery songs- i had a wonderful dance partner for this song a long long time ago. maybe for this summer's trip we can include some french tunes? then again we might want something we can sign along with!

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