10 favorite herbs.

…ahhh, a food topic! herbs are one of my favorite things to cook with and I’m enjoying the little garden on the deck that we planted last month. as I start typing, I’m pretty sure I have a favorite six or seven, we’ll see if I can make it to 10!

1. basil. hands down my favorite herb. we planted two pots of this in our little garden and I’m hoping it will produce enough to make a little bit of pesto before the summer ends. love pesto!

2. oregano. great in salad dressings and on any sort of vegetable. and of course, on pizza!

3. thyme. I was a little late to the party on this one. when I was growing up, my mom used to sprinkle thyme on peas and I thought it tasted like little twigs (ugh!)…but now, I think it’s an inspired combination – thanks, mom! also love this in salad dressings.

4. italian parsley. kind of a workhorse – it adds a splash of “fresh” to anything.

(these first four are what we have growing in the pot above – definite favorites!)

5. rosemary. goes well with garlic. especially good with olive oil, salt & pepper, (and garlic) as a dip for bread.

6. cilantro. my favorite add-in for guacamole and all things mexican. my sister also showed me that it’s great in a gin & tonic (with clementines!).

7. tarragon. for chicken salad.

8. mint. for iced tea. or cocktails.

9. sage. with chicken and stuffing, it smells like thanksgiving to me!

10. lavender. not to eat, but to smell. I have a tissue box holder in my bathroom that’s filled with it and a few sachets in my dresser drawers. love it!

(whew, made it to 10 without having to try very hard!)

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5 thoughts on “10 favorite herbs.

  1. ditto-we've got thyme and rosemary in the ground that comes back every year- a pot of cilantro (started from seeds) and basil on the patio-2 plants and then we added seeds so we have a lot-love using fresh herbs year round.

  2. i like thyme on roasted chicken and to season beef stew while simmering. i'm going to have to pass on the thyme with peas! 🙂

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