our front yard…with kim klassen’s warm vignette texture

listening: the whirr of the ceiling fan and the ticking clock. love a quiet monday morning to start the week!
eating: oatmeal raisin chewy granola bar
drinking: water, lots and lots of water! (yes, still!)
wearing: a sleeveless dress – just about the coolest thing I own (that’s fit to leave the house 🙂
feeling: surprisingly happy about having no more plans to travel this summer
weather: 80 degrees at 9:30 am and
wanting: a good book recommendation; katie, sara and I are reading together this summer and it’s my turn to pick the book (previous selections include the art of racing in the rain, sarah’s key and the help – a pretty high bar!)
needing: a new refrigerator, sadly this has moved from a want to a need…it just can’t keep the frozen stuff frozen or the cold stuff cold anymore
thinking: about c.s. lewis and his writings on christianity; I just finished the great divorce and have mere christianity and the problem of pain waiting on my shelf
enjoying: the crepe myrtles, probably one of my favorite things about summer; those pretty blooms almost make the heat and humidity worthwhile!
wondering: how to tackle the june OLW prompt – creating nine (baseball card-sized) little works of art to illustrate our word. stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “currents.

  1. beautiful photo of your house and gardens – hard to believe it's hot, humid, ugh-y. i've yet to start my OLW prompt too…and i just realized the month is almost over!

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