10 things to enjoy now.

…this is not an “official” ten on tuesday post. and it’s not even the may one little word update I’d planned to do instead. that was all about getting things done and checking off things on my to-do list (and even getting a to-do list application for my iphone that synchs with my macbook – which I did yesterday morning – and btw I LOVE this app!).

because once I read this devotion, which “conveniently” (got to love his timing, no?) landed in my inbox yesterday morning, I knew today’s post needed to be about things to enjoy.

lantana on my deck, with kim klassen’s just cause and pour vous textures and a favorite verse I’m taking to heart!

1. the colors of summer…the pots on my deck are full of bright greens, yellows, pinks and oranges and the crepe myrtles are almost ready to burst open

2. the sunrise

3. an early morning walk with vanessa, two laps around the park and plenty of time to catch up

4. holly asleep on the floor by my feet

5. knitting with friends

6. looking through the book that katie made me of our last year’s photo collaboration

7. a second cup of coffee while I catch up on google reader

8. an evening phone call with katie talking about books we want to read together and our september beach trip

9. staying up way past my bedtime on a monday night to watch the last two episodes of sex and the city with sara (and clicking on the alice video at the top of this post when I pull up her blog to grab the link…and watching it)

10. taking a photo, having fun with layers and adjustments and textures in photoshop and creating something pretty to look at…and putting it in a blog post I’m writing just because…

14 thoughts on “10 things to enjoy now.

  1. Oh, merci for sharing your " just because…" such a beautiful post and way to start a lovely, rare ( albeit a tad hot & humid – 80 degrees/53% humidity) June day.Cheers~

  2. I love those sweet little lantana flowers too. Such prolific bloomers! Your verse is one we could all repeat, repeatedly to ourselves. Sweet post! Xo

  3. wow the contrast in the photo is beautiful – it's that perfect morning light. you're becoming such a photoshop pro!

  4. Love the picture Mary. And as one who walks out the door every morning…that second cup at the counter, on the computer, with the knitting…is such a treat!

  5. That's a great list! Staying up late Monday's must make for a hard Tuesday morning. Thank goodness for that second cup of coffee. 🙂

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