listening: room with a viewelizabeth klett is a fantastic reader; I think I may try under the lilacs next
eating: cottage cheese with a bit of cinnamon and a handful of blueberries
drinking: water, lots and lots of water!
wearing: leggings and a sports bra – it’s housecleaning day!
feeling: inspired about summer sweater knitting – my sunday afternoon workshop is going to knit white sangria and vitamin D in june; and we’re going to have a KAL for the nantucket vest
weather: 73 degrees at 9 am – summer has arrived!
wanting: to spend time this week on may’s OLW prompt
needing: a good night’s sleep (marc arrived home thursday from ten days in china and it takes him a few days to adjust back to our timezone…which means poor sleep for both of us)
thinking: about my big picture. it doesn’t feel “right” yet – still….
enjoying: planning for a beach trip in september with karen and katie (and holly); we’re thinking four nights in a cottage in rosemary beach – woo hoo!
wondering: what other surprises my backyard might hold this summer – like the oak leaf hydrangea above – I had no idea it was even there, let alone covered in beautiful white blooms!

6 thoughts on “currents.

  1. love the photo-hate that you need sleep, looked at the white sangria pattern and LOVE it, not sure if it's "me". and really want to knit the nantucket vest. the beach in the fall-awesome. happy monday

  2. beautiful picture! love planning a beach trip; sounds like fun! here's hoping for better sleep tonight!!

  3. a gorgeous shot and the beach trip sounds lovely! hoping that you get a good nights sleep soon x

  4. I LOVE this picture! I wish you could get your big picture right, but I don't think anyone can help you figure that out but you. 🙂

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