deja vu all over again.

…the liesl tunic was finally starting to look like something. I was just about done with the first ball of yarn and had the brilliant idea to count the stitches. I’d just completed round 46 and that meant I’d done 16 sets of decreases. I counted the decreases and found 16 of them – making a lovely mitered edge along each side.

and then I counted the first side. 105 stitches. (yay! that’s the right number). I counted the second side. (can you tell where this story is going?)

yep, not a match. 106 stitches.

I took holly for a walk and thought about all the ways I could end up with one extra stitch on one side. and the only way that made sense was that I must have started with the wrong number.

then I thought about making the back one stitch wider. but no, I don’t knit like that.

so I put the end of the yarn on my ballwinder and started winding/ripping.

and an hour and a half later I had this.

here’s hoping the third time knitting this yarn is the charm!

and to take “luck” out of the picture a little bit, I’m using markers – 4 of them, 2 surrounding each decrease point. they started out 10 stitches from those center stitches and now, after 3 sets of decreases, they’re 7 stitches away. I figure making it easy to count will encourage me to count more often. so far so good!

8 thoughts on “deja vu all over again.

  1. I think I'm with knittergran! But now you can smile each and every time you look at it knowing it's perfect!

  2. it would have driven you crazy if hadn't ripped and restarted! i'm all for using lots of stitch markers!

  3. ah! that's why you're a knitting professional…I applaud you for biting the bullet and starting over. I'm sure the finished project will be worth the re-start.Cheers~

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