the wedding party.

…I’m not even going to promise this will be my last royal wedding-related post – it was beautiful and inspiring and and so obviously filled with love…everything a wedding should be. I had a great time watching it…four times yesterday! I watched the today show’s live coverage, then the BBC (twice – once at martha’s viewing party and once again with marc) and then katie couric’s recap on CBS. have to say that the BBC did the best job capturing the ceremony, and I loved matt and meredith’s coverage of the balcony kiss(es!!). and katie did a great job summing up the highlights in her hour. that is honestly the most tv I’ve watched in one day since I can remember!

for the record, I think I got all the right answers to kathy’s questions – although she says she thinks william cried. I didn’t see that. did you? and there wasn’t a question about the worst hat, but that prize clearly goes to beatrice.

wow, I still can’t believe I watched it four times yesterday! but the second time, at martha’s, was definitely the most fun (click the photos to see maybe more details in flickr).

there was plenty of delicious food.

and hats.

and champagne.

pretty flowers.

a chance to re-wear bridesmaid dresses (and a veil!).

and photo opportunities. taking them.

and smiling for them!

the party was a great idea…I wish I’d had it myself, but I’m really very glad I have the kind of friend who did! thanks, martha!

6 thoughts on “the wedding party.

  1. I am watching the reruns of the wedding now. I was so sleepy watching it real time I kept dozing off and now it can get my full attention! (I may even watch it again.) Your party looks so FUN!

  2. I watched it live and then watched recaps. I wish I'd thought to watch one of the BBC broadcasts, though. It was beautiful and your party looks like so much fun!

  3. What a fun hat on you! Where's holly's (smile). I watched too ~ t'was a beautiful event and the hats, a blast. How much fun you and your friends had. Thx for sharing.Cheers~

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