focus friday. note to self.

ali’s april prompt is to write a letter to our future – one year from now – self. her template includes a section to capture where we are today…and where we hope we’ll be next april. I had a lot of fun with this one. and maybe it’s a good thing, but I find myself hoping that not much has changed about my life by this time next year. I felt like I could say “I hope you’re still loving live the same way you are today”. but I didn’t. instead I spelled out what it is that I’m loving. and since ali shared her letter with the thousands of students signed up for her class, I figure I can share mine, too. and there’s nothing like this blog for giving me a sense of accountability!

the title page (shown at the top of this post) fits into the back of the top 5×5 square from march. the bottom 5×5 square will hold a photo. I think I’m going to use this one.

I really like the obvious parallels to the beginning photo I chose for january’s entry. knitting with holly in my lap, a big smile on my face. and yet feeling so different now than I did four months ago. wow, has it really been four months….

6 thoughts on “focus friday. note to self.

  1. omg whenever i see a photo of holly i'm overcome with how much i miss her crazy self. on a more related note, i can't believe you'll be 50 next year. and i'm so happy that you're so happy.

  2. i'd say that you are in a good place. love the pic and look forward to following your "focus" next year.

  3. What a lovely photo! I'd be smiling too if I were surrounded by yarn and my beloved dog…oh wait… I AM!!! 🙂

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