my 10 favorite snacks.

…from I was interested to see that “snack” could include a drink, or a light meal, if eaten between regular meals. I think this means I live by snacking most of the week! (of course I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anyone who knows my eating habits!) so here goes:

1. graham crackers – I always have one with my morning cup of coffee (yes, just one square – I like to have something in my stomach to absorb the coffee)

2. pretzels – my favorites are the little twists or the waffle style.

3. nuts, especially almonds, pecans and cashews.

4. popcorn.

5. cheese.

6. carrots.

7. green & blacks chocolate – currently loving the ginger and the dark 70%.

8. starbucks latte – this is a special treat (and right now I’m just a few more regular coffees away from another free drink coupon!)

9. quaker chewy granola bars.

10. salsa and chips (or carrots) – it’s really just about the salsa!

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9 thoughts on “my 10 favorite snacks.

  1. hmm. i'm going to have to interject that australian slang into my speech!e. goes through the quaker chewy granola bars in this house, but he prefers the chocolate chip ones!

  2. my mother always said i should own stock in cheese as much as i love it. however, i can't explain why i left it off my list.

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